Selasa, 22 April 2014

A thousand page Top of the World Safe from Heartbleed

A total of 1,000 pages of top world today has been declared safe from the threat of Heartbleed . It was known as the Internet security firm Sucuri Security monitoring through Alexa , a page that collects traffic data web site .

Reporting from the Los Angeles Times , Monday, April 21, 2014 , security company , Sucuri Security said it had observed the popular sites as ranked by Alexa . They tested how many of these sites are vulnerable to Heartbleed , seteleh discovery of bugs recently.
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Based on these observations resulted in 1,000 pages of top Heartbleed considered safe .

Daniel Cid , Chief Executive of Technology Sucuri , say , 1,000 websites ( ranked by Alexa top ) has been secured with the latest OpenSSL .

However , based on the MSP Mentor , Sucuri said that thousands of sites are still vulnerable to Heartbleed . According to the California-based company 's 10,000 sites , 0.53 per cent are still vulnerable infiltrated . This is equivalent to 1.5 percent of the 100,000 and two per cent of the one million pages .
What it Heartbleed bug ? According pages , Heartbleed are security holes in web sites that use the Internet network , in which users are using OpenSSL protocol as data encryption .

Cracks in the cryptographic software allows hackers to steal information protected data and identifies a web service provider , encrypt traffic on the web , even its name and password can be known .


Senin, 21 April 2014

This Alleged Corruption Case Details Tax Lariat Hadi Purnomo

Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission establishes State Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo as suspects in the alleged corruption related to tax payments PT Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) . KPK chairman Abraham Samad said, Hadi allegedly committed an unlawful act and or abuse of authority in his capacity as the Director General of Taxes 2002-2004.

According to Abraham , the case began when the Bank filed an objection to the transaction tax on non- performance loans ( nonperforming loans ) around July 17, 2003 . Troubled transaction value of PT Bank BCA when it was around Rp 5.7 trillion .

" BCA Tbk in this case filed an objection to the tax on non- performance loan transactions of Rp 5.7 trillion to the Directorate of Income Tax ( Income Tax ) . Later , after receiving the letter, the income tax , then do a deeper study to be able to draw conclusions , " said Abraham in building Commission , Kuningan , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) night .

After conducting a study for almost a year , said Abraham , on March 13, 2004 , the Directorate of Income Tax issued a letter containing the results of their study on the objection filed tax payments PT Bank BCA . The letter concludes that the Income Tax filing taxes BCA objection must be rejected .

" Director of Income Tax Director General conveyed to the conclusion that the petition should be rejected BCA taxpayers , " said Abraham .

However , on July 18, 2004 , as Director General of Taxation Hadi when it was actually ordered the Director of Income Tax to alter the conclusions . Through memos dated July 18, 2004 , said Abraham , Hadi allegedly asked the Director of Income Tax to alter the conclusion that the payment of tax objections filed by PT Bank BCA entirely acceptable .

" He asked the Director of Income Tax , as the official review of , change the original conclusion stated refuses changed to accept the whole mind . 's Where the role of the Director General of Civil Tax HP ( Hadi ) , " said Abraham .

On the same day , immediately suspected Hadi issued a decree decree nil taxpayers who receive the entire contents of BCA as the taxpayer's objection . Thus , there is no time for the Directorate of Income Tax to respond differently based on the decision of the Director General of Taxation .

In addition , according to Abraham , Hadi allegedly ignoring the fact the material objections raised other banks have the same problem with the BCA . Tax appeal filed other banks was rejected . However , the proposed BCA submission is accepted , even though the two banks that have the same problem .

" This is where the problem sits . Therefore , the Commission found the facts and evidence are accurate and based on it . Commission held a forum with the exposure and the entire task force investigation KPK leaders agreed to establish HP as the Director General of Taxation 2002-2004 and his friends as a suspect , " Abraham said .

KPK ensnare Hadi with Paragraph 1 and Article 2 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 . Hadi 's top acts , alleged state losses of Rp 375 billion .
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According to the Vice Chairman of the Commission , Widjojanto , this state loss is the amount of tax not so paid to the state BCA . " The state should receive $ 375 billion is not so welcome and it benefits others , does not always have the benefit of policy makers, " said Bambang .


Minggu, 20 April 2014

When Anis Matta and Hatta Came Early this May , KM ITB Jamin Will Move

ITB Students Islamic family ( Gamais ) invited President PKS Anis Matta and coriander PAN Hatta Rajasa . Both political figures who both carried the party's presidential candidate will be speaking in the Islamic Leadership Festival . Well , when two men came , KM ITB guarantee will move as they do on Jokowi .

"Action movement will still be done , " said Chairman KM ITB Mohammad Jeffry Giranza when dikonfirmas AFP on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Anis and Hatta will speak in a talk show with the theme " The figure of Ideal Leadership " with Yusril Ihza Mahendra , Mahfud MD , Din Shams , and two others . This festival circuit held on 10 to 11 May 2014 in the Triangle Field Sabuga ITB .
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But according to Jeff , this evening it will negotiate with ITB Gamais Chairman Yasin . Will discuss how the continuity of the show . " Yes whether the speaker replaced , postponed , or canceled , " said Jeffry .

" Maybe tonight the new results can be delivered , " added Jeff .

Unfortunately Yasin confirmed can not comment . When asked about the show she admitted taking the test . " Not just yes , I still have this test , " said Yasin .

Last week the arrival Jokowi as Jakarta Governor protested KM ITB ITB . Jokowi who actually give a public lecture was nevertheless do so . There was a misunderstood incident when students blocked the Jokowi staff who want to get out of college . Party KM ITB fully affirmed their action purely reject the politicization of the campus .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

The dollar strengthened in Asian

The value of the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) rose in Asian trade on Friday, with the support of a positive U.S. jobs data and the agreement between Russia and the West to defuse tensions in Ukraine .

Greenback - U.S. dollar banknotes title - taken 102.48 yen in Tokyo , up from 102.39 yen in New York on Thursday , while the euro weakened against the U.S. dollar to 1.3811 dollars from 1.3813 positions dollars .

The European single currency rose to 141.54 yen from 141.45 yen in U.S. trade . But the rise in the dollar against the yen may be short-lived .

" We do not feel there are signs that the yen will begin an aggressive sales amid volatility decline , " said Osamu Takashima , chief currency strategist at Citibank Japan , as quoted by AFP news agency .

New claims for U.S. unemployment benefits edged higher last week but still remained near seven- year lows , according to the U.S. Labor Department said Thursday.

Initial claims , an indicator of the pace of layoffs , slow economic recovery tends to decrease with the world number one from the recession .

The agreement in the talks in Geneva between the United States , European Union , Ukraine and Russia to reduce the crisis caused some short-term concerns out of the market , where traders in the foreign exchange centers including London and New York begin the Easter holidays on Friday .
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The parties agreed in the Geneva talks to restore security in eastern Ukraine , where Kiev has moved troops to repel the armed separatist pro - Russian government buildings they occupied .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Heats Gaza, Palestinian Fighters Killed 3

GAZA - Three Palestinians became victims in a series of explosions that took place in Gaza. The blast occurred in the area of ​​Khan Younis.

Not yet clear what the cause of the explosion. However, Palestinian officials said that the possibility of an explosion did not come from Israel.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Al Qedra call, the explosion occurred militants training center. In addition to killing three people, injured five other fighters. As reported by Al Jazeera on Thursday (17/04/2014).

However, information from Ashraf, refuted by a witness who did not want his name published. According to him, the attack did not occur in the training center, but in a house.
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At present, the authorities have been combing the location and start the investigation. Certainly, all three victims came from the organization's military wing faction Hamas Izz al Din al Qassam.

CAIRO - An Egyptian court banned the official hard-line Palestinian factions Hamas to operate in the country . Hamas is a faction that controls the Gaza Strip .

This faction is a branch of the organization's supporters ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi , the Muslim Brotherhood . When the Egyptian government has put the Brotherhood into a terrorist organization .

" The court has decided to ban all the work and activities of Hamas in Egypt , " said one judge of the court of Egypt , as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday ( 04/03/2014 ) .

Egyptian authorities grounded , group Hamas is a major threat to security in Egypt . Not only that , the group is accused of supporting terrorist activities designed by the group Al Qaeda .

Shortly after the decision was taken , the Egyptian government ordered the immediate closure of the Hamas offices located in the country .

Hearing these decisions, the Hamas denies all accusations addressed to him . They also condemned all decisions and in turn accused the Egyptian court was deliberately complicate the existence of Palestinians .


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Asian Air Pollution Could Change the Pacific storm

Who would have thought air pollution in the form of smoke not only pollutes the environment around it. A revealing study of air pollution in Asia could affect storm patterns over the Pacific Ocean .

Launch CNN , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 research report NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory , in the United States showed speculation air pollution may lead to strange winter weather in North America .

" Traces of Pacific storms is a major driving force in global weather patterns , " said study leader , Yuan Wang .
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Traces modulated storm , he said , can be attributed to the behavior of abnormal weather in the mid -latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere , including the U.S. and Canada .

Wang and co- researchers said that pollution in Asian cities including global concern . The reason , the smoke of the area is growing rapidly and grow aerosols , fine particles which were lifted in the air . Aerosol formation is generally regarded as the antithesis of global warming , which could cool the Earth's climate .

But researchers warn , if the aerosol tothe much in the air, it is risky .

" Aerosols provide seeds for cloud formation , if too much giving seedlings , then you are basically changing patterns of clouds and storm systems , " said Renyi Zhang , co- leader of the study , who is also professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A & M University , College Station , USA.

Studies Wang 's team simulated the climate models using data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) . The data showed aerosols transported from Asia and the Pacific region to intensify the storm track in this area .

global Impact

Although the simulation results only special effect in the Pacific Ocean , researchers view the full impact can reach the whole world .

" We observed a mid-latitude cyclone system , which transports heat and moisture from low latitudes to high latitudes . If the system is altered by air pollution from Asia , the global heat distribution will change , " said Wang .

With that in mind , a study co , Zhang agrees with the assumption of abnormal weather such as extreme winter weather in the U.S. some time behaviors associated with pollution from Asia .

Throughout this year , the level of air pollution in Asia reportedly increased. In January , the U.S. Embassy in Beijing recorded levels of particulate pollution in the Chinese capital , 18 times higher than the normal limit of the recommended World Health Organization ( WHO ) .

Not much different , the air pollution is also a concern in the Indian capital , New Delhi .

The experts mentioned will examine further in order to assess the full impact of the global surrounding Asian pollution . Experts will be monitoring the storm pattern with satellites , climate models simulate more and measure patterns in the atmosphere .

The study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Indonesia won

INDONESIA must be taken care of by the good : clean and competent . Republic was founded by the intrepid : educated people who had finished with him . The effect was devastating .

Bung Karno and his generation made ​​a move countrymen . All were Indonesian has come . All beriuran unconditionally for the sake of an independent and sovereign nation . There are beriuran energy, mind , money , goods , and including their lives . However , independence was not just a matter of rolling up colonialism . Freedom is also about holding prosperity and social justice for all people .

Now to whom this republic would be entrusted to care ? All are elected in the election this year will be on behalf of us all over the next five years . All the words and the deeds done in the name of us all . All local laws and regulations are made will bind us all .

Awakening " wong sane "

Currently there are still many challenges this nation is fundamental , such as food , health , education , employment , transportation , and energy , so - anything party - the same challenges that need to be answered . When the country's biggest obstacle is corruption and corruption is a matter of power upstream , then whatever party will be faced with the same corrupt solid muscle .

This election is not about the color of the party . It's about the problematic and unproblematic . Troubled people in a variety of parties . So is the well spread across all parties . Elections should not be a competition for the problem , the better the opponent the problem . We must ensure that the person selected will be present to take care not to drain the state . This is the fourth election in the democratic era , it was time to be an insane wong resurrection , the resurrection of the net , and so the problem efflux .

Indonesia needs a good guy win . We need a clean and competent people flocked win the election . The main requirements for good people to lose and fallen in elections is either other people just watching and not helping . Ironically , Indonesia is now full of audience : people either want to win in the election , wants to Indonesia so it's better , but just want beriuran hope , wishful beriuran . There is a collective reluctance to get involved , to help .

Reluctance and skepticism that is often based on the view : why should help , after all the good people actually entangled corruption . It's like a dirty shoe business . Why clean the shoes , be defiled yet again . However , if cleaned regularly, properly used , maintained from splashing dirty , the shoes will be safe , be clean . If contaminated , our job is to make sure that the shoes were regularly cleaned .

In this republic , our duty is five years Indonesian caretaker cleaning and filling it with people not problematic . Even if there are affected by the problem , and was sentenced to let us change . Then every 5 years we " tell" the good guys again .

Since when did we become a nation that likes desperate ? Our job is to supply the good continually . We need to maintain stamina , this nation is still very long , and good people in the republic stock is still very much . There's no reason to show off and nglokro complaints .

We are grateful to see there are good people bothered to enter politics . See , popping good people are elected as governors, regents , mayors or members of parliament . The longer the row the name of clean and competent , good people who are called , and willing to lend a hand . However , they all can only win , holding the authority , if good people are willing to get involved and help .

Problems faced , so many good people who are candidates so they tend to be shunned . Moving away from the immediate environment is often precisely . Politics in Indonesia today is very low in value in public . Corruption by politicians has been degrading the meaning of politics and politicians .

Politics and politicians are no longer seen as an arena of struggle and fighters . Political work is seen as a livelihood and everything should dirupiahkan . The candidates were either eroded by the opinion that all the candidates are the same : just looking for the power to drain - not - country to take care of . Well even fewer people willing to lend a hand . The fewer good people who " prepared " the conduct of the accused together with domestic drain .

If good people just want to be a good taxpayer , then who will govern the use of our tax dollars ? Decisions about health , education , housing , and employment , for example , is a political decision . In the public arena looked down , dirty and not worth that decisions about the lives of the people serepublik made ​​. Shall we set aside ?

Are there any good candidates ? Yes , Indonesia still has stock of the good : the clean and competent . However , they can not win , get the name of the authority for us , to represent us , if we all did not assist . Once again , the rampant corruption in politics is not solely due to numerous bad guys , but because good people remain silent , mute , and even away .

This republic is ours all . Not belong to a few people , especially those who are willing to pay anyone to do as they wish . Stop thinking only con . Must be willing to lend a hand ! Not everyone should join a political party , but when the election should never be silent , letting people waltz problematic not challenged , not stopped . At the time of election , must appear collective awareness that this is not a political ceremony , the opportunity to put the country well so administrators .

Help people do not have problems around us are called to come take care of the republic so that they can win . Never be afraid to support . In non - democratic era first , the attitude silence in an election is the attitude of resistance , now silence is acquiescence to the status quo attitude .

New wave revival

Now we are witnessing a new wave of emerging . The new generation is moving and help for believing , ideas , and integrity . Generation is not willing to sell support for the rupiah .

Options to help people both in the election is the choice of history . Today it may seem unpopular , still seems strange if there is a willingness to get involved and help the candidates not problematic.

World moves towards good governance improvements . Corruption can not be lasting , he became increasingly eroded . Imagine someday generation of our children live in a new era and asks : "Dad , Mom , at the time of Indonesian politics was full of corruption , if Mom and Dad come corruption , or silent , or come against ? "

That's when history was find the answer choice : if today you want to do , want to be involved , at least you can answer with pride . " Your father , your mother , do not leave and never become part of what makes this republic porous . At the time the rich pay support , your father , your mother , do not sell support . Father and mother helping good people with no pay . Father and mother -esteem can not dirupiahkan ! "
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Allow our children proud of being conscious that they possess the land which the father and mother come meninggikuatkan . When there is an opportunity to change the face of our own , Indonesia faces us, then we do not just keep quiet . We select participating cleaning Indonesia , make a good person as a fiduciary in our country .